Cabron Meaning: What does cabron mean?

by Anita Fating
Cabron Meaning

You must have heard cabron but must be confused about cabron meaning. Almost every word has various meanings similarly the cabron also has more than one meaning. Below we are going to learn and understand the meaning of cabron in detail. Without any time delay let’s start to learn and understand what does cabron means

Cabron Meaning

The meaning of cabron means a person who is very intelligent in any particular field.

If you search for the cabron in the English language then it comes from American rockers The Red Hot Chilli peppers, who released the song in 2012 called ‘cabron’.

In English, Cabron Means as follows

  • Someone who is exceptionally intelligent in any particular field. 
  • Reggaeton, a genre of music that is extremely popular in Latin America and the U.S
  • The American rockers Red Hot Chilli Peppers released in 2012

Slang Meaning Of Cabron

The slang cabron means is someone that is ruder and it generally translates to some abuses. It is used for someone you want to say bad words or hate them

Chingate Cabron Means

In Spanish chingate cabron means, I don’t need you or I don’t want to see you around here again. 

Cabron Pronunciation

The pronunciation of cabron is as follows in phonetic alphabets of Cabron are Kah-Brohn.


Is Cabron A Compliment?

No, cabron is not a compliment is a very strong word. Using this word you can make a strong insult of someone. Cabron is one of the bad words from the list of bad words. 

What Does Cabron Mean?

In the Spanish language, cabron means a male goat, and in the English language cabron has lots of meanings such as hey! buddy, I missed you so much, oh! you going to don’t believe me, abused and addressed to a most hated person. 

What Does Cabron Exactly Mean In Spanish?

The exact meaning of cabron in the Spanish language is a large male goat.

Is Cabron A Bad Word?

Yes, cabron is not that good word but it is a very strong word and used when insulting someone. 


In this article, I mentioned almost all the meanings of the word cabron. Now as you know that carbon is a spanish word and does not have a good meaning in english either.  So now indeed you may not use the word or when someone uses the word you will know what the word may mean. After reading this article you will not get confused and you won’t need to learn cabron meaning again. 


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